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Aug 22

What a great husky experience!

Posted by Steve Johnson on Friday, August 22, 2014

I was invited by Mary & John to come and experience a husky ride so jumped at the opportunity! It was great to meet the dogs and give them a rub and tickle and then help harness them up - they get extremely excited when they know they are going out and it is wonderful to see! Mary connected them up to the engineless quad bike we were going to use and I, kitted out in a boiler suit, goggles and hard hat, sat on the back and clung on.

As soon as we were ready and Mary had released the bike, we shot off and up the hill and I really had to cling on tight to stay on especially round the corners and over the bumps! Once over the initial shock, I was able to relax a bit and enjoy the scenery and commentary from Mary who manged to hold on with one hand, take photos on her camera, turn and talk to me and drive the dogs, all whilst I clung on for dear life! There is no other word than exhiliarating for the experience, thrilling, exciting and totally unique.

I can only thoroughly recommend it if you are in Perthshire - you won't be disappointed!

This image is taken from their Facebook page: