Bowland Trails Husky Ride Experience

Husky Ride Experience:

Treat yourself or your special friends to a unique experience with a Sprint Racing Team of Siberian Huskies at Bowland Trails Sled Dog Training Centre school of excellence.

A great way to enjoy your break in Scotland

  • Meet our pack of 36 Racing Siberian Huskies.
  • Take an Exhilarating Husky Passenger ride around our 220 acre estate

Because of the warmer weather in the spring and autumn, rides during these times will be either early morning or late evening to make best use of the cooler temperatures for the huskies.  We usually operate between the months of September and April.


The cost of your experience is as follows:

    Standard Prices
    • One Person with one team - £80
    • Two People with two teams - £150
    • Three People with Three teams - £210
    • Moonlight experience - £90 per person - Sorry - due to time constraints, currently unavailable

    Note: passengers within your group swap over half way round at the spectator viewing point.

    • Two People with one team - £110
    • Three people with two teams - £180
    • Four People with two teams - £220
    • Five People with three teams - £290
    • Six People with three teams - £330

    Maximum weight approx 15 stone.  For passengers weighing between 15 and 18 stone approx : This may necessitate use of a motorized vehicle (Quad) in fairness to our huskies on our hills and for safe use of our equipment for the duration of their ride.

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