Bowland Trails Husky Experiences

On the husky experince trail

Our huskies on our trails meeting the locals!

Choose your experience:

  • Husky Ride Experiencea thrilling ride round the trails, then spend time with your team as they cool off and rest afterwards - spectators welcome .
  • Gift Vouchers - treat someone to a unique husky ride experience.
  • One and two day Husky Experiences - Spend time with our huskies, learning all about Husky racing. - Sorry - Currently unavailable
  • Lead-dog Training - Start training your sled dog in harness; Teach your sled dog to be a good command leader; Overcome issues on the trail; - sorry - currently unavailable
  • Use our Trails - Train your own teams on our trails; take a holiday with your sled-dogs; - Sorry - Currently unavailable.  Book your event at Bowland Trails


Meet Monk

Monk, soon to be 8 years old, is one of our race leaders.  He loves to help teach our young huskies to respond to our commands "Gee" and "Haw". He is a very friendly, sociable dog. 

Huskies are pack animals - Our experiences will get you right up close and personal with them:

  • Watch them prepare to run as we harness & hitch up your team
  • Ride as a passenger pulled by a string of 8 huskies.
  • Your family will be taken to a vantage point where they can watch / photograph / video you experiencing your husky ride.
  • Give them a fuss when they stop mid-run for a water stop out on the trail, and when they finish their run back at the barn

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